At Ally, we feature a team of ministry-minded, professionally trained, and highly experienced counselors with various specialties to come alongside you as you work towards your goals.

  • Dr. Jeremiah Peck has an extensive background in professional counseling and Christian church ministry. He has been involved in pastoral ministry since 2005, mental health counseling since 2010, and he is a leader in the field of counseling as part of the core faculty at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. 

    Dr. Peck specializes in counseling individuals and couples, providing clinical supervision, and is a sought after presenter and consultant for professional trainings, and Christian church ministry.

    Locations served: in-person in Kelso and Vancouver, and online throughout WA and OR

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  • Michael has served in Christian church ministry in several states, including Colorado, California, Oregon, and Washington, and in a variety of roles including as a worship pastor, college ministry, and youth ministry staff. 

    Michael specializes in individual and relationship counseling services, helping individuals strengthen their relationships as well as overcome personal challenges related to depression, anxiety, identity, and self worth. 

    Locations served: in-person in Vancouver and online throughout WA

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  • Natasha has diverse experience in family ministry, including children, youth, and mothers of preschoolers (MOPS). 

    Natasha utilizes a positive strengths-based approach to help individuals overcome challenges, learn and apply new skills, and improve their overall quality of personal, relational, and occupational life. Natasha also utilizes eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) to help individuals process trauma. 

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    Locations served: in-person in White Salmon, and online throughout WA

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  • Preston Brennan, MA, LMHCA

    Preston comes to the Northwest by way of North Carolina, where he got his start in the mental health field working at a wilderness therapy center. Working with clients in this setting gave him an appreciation for the deep well of internal resources we all have, and how powerful an accepting, empathetic, and genuine presence can be on the path to growth and healing. Preston uses several approaches to help clients reprocess and reintegrate traumatic experiences in order to help them feel more a part of their own process of being a person.

    Locations served: in-person in Vancouver and online throughout WA

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  • Rachelle (Ray) Tau-Stewart, MA, LMHCA

    Ray has worked with youth for the past six years in various settings. She has a passion for helping individuals, children and teens overcome life challenges and achieve a healthy mindset and lifestyle. Through empathy, understanding and embodying the fruits of the spirit she aims to provide a safe space clients feel they can be vulnerable to express themselves. She utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy to focus on helping adjust negative and unhelpful thoughts and behaviors that might be hindering progress and going forward in life.   

    Locations served: in-person in Vancouver and online throughout WA

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  • alexis Schofield, MA, LMHCA

    Alexis brings over 15 years working with children, teens, and adults both professionally and in ministry settings. She is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where her clients can experience transformative growth and healing. Using a blend of Narrative, Emotion Focused, and Strength Based therapies, she works empathetically and collaboratively to help clients dealing with anxiety, depression, life transitions, trauma, stress, and relational issues. She is passionate about helping clients identify underlying beliefs, unhelpful thought patterns, and narratives that may be impacting their life. Alexis also focuses on helping clients utilize their strengths, gain coping skills, and experience self-acceptance to grow hope for the future. She brings a compassionate, warm, and hopeful presence throughout the counseling process and deeply values developing a strong therapeutic relationship with her clients.

    Locations served: in-person in Vancouver and online throughout WA

  • STephanie cahill, ma, lmhc

    Stephanie has been a professional counselor since 2015. She is passionate about working collaboratively with clients to help them uncover truths about themselves and find healing and wholeness. Stephanie specializes in helping individual adults dealing with issues involving codependency, pregnancy (prenatal & postpartum), domestic violence, and parenting. She often uses narrative, internal family systems, and strength-based approaches and loves allowing space for humor in the counseling room.

    Locations served: in-person in Vancouver and online throughout WA

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  • Shasta has served in Christian church ministry for more than 25 years, including children's ministry and women's ministry. She has been a counselor since 2019. 

    Shasta specializes in providing direct counseling services to individuals, couples, and families. She uses Emotion Focused Therapy and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Therapy to help clients with depression, anxiety, relational and communication issues. 

    Locations served: in-person in Vancouver and online throughout WA, OR, and ID

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  • We carry our stories with us from childhood into adulthood, impacting each new situation where it influences our thinking, behaviors, and choices. The less we know about our stories, the more influence they hold over us subconsciously. I use Story-Informed Trauma Therapy (SITT) to guide you carefully through your own story so that you can discover the meaning you've brought from those events. Whatever challenge or crisis you are facing, I believe that good comes from processing the true impact of injuries you've sustained, so that you can live a healthy and hope-filled life. I am honored to journey with you to whatever goals you'd like to achieve. So, reach out, and let's connect for a good talk!

    Locations served: in-person in Vancouver and online throughout WA

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  • Lauren enjoys working with teens (15+) and adults, and specializes in trauma and anxiety.

    Lauren is SAFE trained in EMDR, and enjoys working with people as they become “unstuck” from their past and move into wellness and thriving in the present. She is certified to deliver the Safe and Sound Protocol, which is an evidence based listening therapy that helps retune the nervous system to a state of safety. She also has experience helping people develop healthier relationships, through boundary setting and improved communication. When working with individuals, she often uses metaphor, collaboration, mindfulness, and openness. Lauren feels tremendously honored to be able to sit with other people as they share their stories.

    Locations served: in-person in Vancouver and online throughout WA

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  • Kelsey O'Neill

    Kelsey is currently pursuing a Master's in Counseling at Multnomah University, with a certification in Trauma. She has experience in a number of different fields including medicine and church ministry. Her goal in counseling is to cultivate a collaborative, healing relationship that provides safety for exploration, growth, and hope. She is committed to helping clients achieve symptom reduction, increased self-awareness, and increased autonomy. A few areas of clinical interest include anxiety, depression, life transitions, spirituality, stress, trauma, and PTSD. She considers it a true honor and privilege to be able to enter into clients' places of pain and walk alongside them on their healing journey.

    Kelsey's personal interests include hiking, listening to music, spending time with friends and family, and cuddling with her cat, Pumpkin.

    Locations served: In-person in Vancouver and online throughout WA and OR

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  • Sophia Claudson

    Sophia enjoys connecting with people of all different ages, stages, and walks of life. She is passionate about providing a safe, compassionate space where people can come as they are. Using a blend of Person-Centered, Emotion-Focused, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies, Sophia seeks to help clients gain a deeper, more holistic understanding of their own individual experiences. She has spent many years working with children, youth, and adults in various ministry and professional roles. In her free time, Sophia enjoys reading, running, and spending time with her family and friends.

    Locations served: In-person in Vancouver and online throughout WA and OR

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  • Sofie Sklyarov

    Sofie is a student at Western Seminary pursuing her master's in counseling. She has extensive experience working with teens within the role of a guidance counselor and discipleship leader. Her approach to therapy incorporates a Christian worldview with a cognitive behavioral theoretical orientation (exploring one’s thoughts and beliefs). She views counseling as a collaborative effort to help clients recognize strengths, identify needs, understand conflicts, discover new options, set personal development goals, and make informed choices. She works to create a counseling space where clients can come and have someone listen to them and sit with them in the experiences and emotions they are going through; a space to look at the past, present, and future in order to process and create goals.

    Locations served: In-person in Vancouver and online throughout WA and OR

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  • Travis Nelson

    Travis has served in various churches and ministries in different states and countries. He sees individuals, couples, and families, and just completed an internship and school track in adolescent, family counseling.

    Travis is fully present and attentive to others, meets them where they are and seeks not to project his beliefs onto them. His grounded and open nature helps you feel safe and supported.

    Locations served: In-person in Kelso and online throughout WA and OR

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  • When you contact Ally, you will likely be greeted by Mikayla, our compassionate and professional Administrator. Mikayla specializes in client relations and connecting you to one of the many counselors here at Ally. If you have questions about counseling, or you are not sure which counselor is might be the right fit for your goals, Mikayla is gifted in helping you make the right connections.