Rates for professional counseling services range from $30 - $180 per session depending on the type of counseling service being provided (individual, family, etc.) and the level of credential and specialization of the specific provider. See examples below:

For instances of financial hardship, many of our counselors offer a reduced fee based on a sliding scale for counseling services.

CLICK HERE for information about our Reduced-Cost counseling program


Ally Christian Counseling is a private-pay clinical practice, and we are regarded as out-of-network providers by most insurance companies. While we do not bill insurance directly, we are able to provide a monthly statement of services rendered to clients at their request which can be used to file a claim for reimbursement directly from their insurance. This is often referred to as a 'superbill'. See here, "what is a superbill?"

Because every insurance policy and plan may be different, we recommend that if clients are planning on filing claims for reimbursement to first confirm eligibility requirements with their insurance company prior to initiating counseling. 

Ally Christian Counseling does not make any guarantee of reimbursement eligibility. 

Here are important questions to ask your insurance company:

- does my policy include out-of-network mental health coverage?

- do I have a copay or co-insurance for out-of-network mental health services?

- do I have a yearly deductible that must first be met prior to insurance reimbursing the cost of services?

- do I need a referral or authorization prior to receiving out-of-network mental health services?  

- do I have a yearly maximum benefit for out-of-network mental health services?

- do I have a limit on the number of covered sessions?