What we do

At Ally, we offer a wide-range of mental, emotional, and relational wellness services to help you with what you have been through, what you are experiencing, or what you want to move towards. 

  • Individual Counseling

    We offer one-on-one professional counseling to assist you in overcoming barriers, healing from distress, and moving towards your goals

  • Couples Counseling

    For nearly 10 years, we have helped couples enrich their relationships and helped couples reconcile their struggling relationships. 

  • Family Counseling

    We help families navigate problems related to parenting, communication, and relationships with adult children

  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)

    Information coming soon

  • Wellness Groups

    We feature weekly groups both in-person and online designed to help you with your specific goals in a supportive group environment

  • Online counseling

    Most of our counseling and wellness services are available online via a secure, encrypted, easy-to-use, Telehealth software. 

  • Continuing education for professionals

    We offer a wide-array of classes which fulfill the continuing education  (CE) requirements for state credentialing. 

  • Clinical Supervision for Interns and Associates

    Our clinical supervisors have an extensive background in Counseling Education and Supervisor, and advanced training to help you develop as a professional counselor

  • Christian Ministry

    Our team has extensive background in Christian Church ministry and has helped dozens of churches in pulpit supply, team training, presentations, leadership development, and conflict resolution.